Whoosh! vs Artisan Loaf

Don’t get me wrong, email is really useful, but I don’t get much of a sense of achievement out of the sent “whoosh”, and the excitement of the “You’ve got mail’ has really worn off. The sensation of opening an email and sending one, is the same. It’s my brain that suggests it’s a job done, physically there is no difference, no indicator that my body has expensed any energy to contribute to the achievement.

I’ve realised that doing stuff with my hands is really important to me, I enjoy craft, knitting, drawing, etc, ¬†and on some days of keyboard tapping I get up and feel no sense of achievement whatsoever, however many hours I’ve spent working, getting stuff done digitally.

I have found that baking bread, not only fits in beautifully into my working day, it also gives me a huge sense of achievement. From the mixing the raw ingredients in the morning, to kneading the dough for 10 mins or so, while the coffee brews, folding it every hour or so, proving, shaping, embellishing to baking. It’s also a perfect excuse to stretch and readjust posture. As the smell of freshly baked bread rises to my work room, I know that the end of my working day is nigh, and I’ve got a lovely artisan loaf to show for it!


Recipe to fit into a day to follow!