Working from Home


The beauty of working from home, for me is that overall it reduces the stress and makes me feel more motivated for work. Although at times it may feel isolating and lonely, most of the time I appreciate how it allows me to keep on top of the rest of life. Things that I get up to during my little work breaks:
1) laundry
2) a 15 minute ironing break
3) 10 mins vacuum break
4) 5 mins of dusting
5) meal prep

Magically these unloved tasks become positive breaks, where I achieve things, with instant gratification.
I find that email is contributory to my feeling stressed, the instant and conversational nature means, one email sent, is just seconds away from a reply.
A quick vacuum, gives me instant feel good factor, physical exercise and sense of achievement that lasts, at least until the kids get home.

While all of this just screams ‘frustrated domestic goddess’,  I know that I get more pleasure out of a clean floor, than an empty inbox.