City Running

City Running is a late night arts intervention where the host city becomes a playground for artists. It turns the city into an artistic laboratory, a vibrant mix of community and experimentation.


How it Works

City Running Artistic Director, Rowena Easton, works closely with the host organisation to curate a group of artists from a range of practices and career levels.

On the night of the event, the City Runners gather at the host venue – a gallery or public space. After dark, they are given only 3 hours to go out into the city and return to the venue and create a piece of work inspired by their experiences.

They then present the work (live art/photography/music etc.) to their peers and a public audience.

The process acts as a professional development for individuals to nurture creative networks within cities.


“For us it was a great introduction to a whole raft of new artists and potential collaborators, and an excellent way for us to continue building partnerships within the city. For audiences it provided a rich and fascinating experience – seeing the creative process at work in a high-pressured environment. And of course, we were hugely impressed by the range and quality of work produced during the event.”