JONY EASTERBY’s work explores the boundaries between raw materials, natural dynamics, sound technology and composition.
He creates one-off sound sculptures, audio visual installations, architectural constructions and develops large-scale performance projects.
His work is intricate, beautiful and accessible.
Together with a other multi-skilled artists he has created the large outdoor show FOR THE BIRDS, which attracted a massive 15,000 audience members at Brighton Festival in 2017.  FOR THE BIRDS is a nighttime walk through sound, light and kinetic installations for audiences of any age.
Due to its modular nature it can be customised in size to fit site and budget.
Jony’s latest show is TREE and WOOD.
An immersive nighttime exploration of our relationship with trees.
This show features a cast of exceptional musicians, original folk music and cutting edge technologies (saws & axes!). Here is a Trailer from the show to give you a taster.