Lola Muance

Lola Muance creates luminescent sculptures exuding passion, poetry and playfulness. Working with the raw materials of colour and light, the pieces are placed in situ in urban spaces and vast landscapes, within which the audience is welcome to wander and wonder.

Spectacular in their size, their breadth, their depth, by day the installations exhale an intangible delicacy, whilst at night under the beams of the projectors, they reveal their sumptuous fluorescent brilliance.

One site visit will suffice for artist Pierre Surtel to develop ideas for installations, which he will then draft design proposals before fabricating in France and then assembling in situ.


UK installations:

City Hall – Pottersfield Garden

Art in the Garden at Nymans, National Trust 2015

Enchanted Parks 2016, Newcastle Gateshead (see NEWS)