Strategic Advice

We offer practical, down to earth Business and Fundraising Advice.

One of the hardest things is stepping outside of your work and seeing it with fresh eyes, to find the essence of a project, a mission.

For funding applications this is essential.

We have years of experience of fundraising for individuals, organisations, projects, with a high rate of positive results for our clients.

We often find that the writing process helps shape the project, challenges its weaknesses and through this, we ensure that the project has been critically analysed with the funding body in mind.

While we can’t guarantee success, we can make sure that your project application has clarity and focus, and is not a load of waffle that makes anyone including yourself yawn with boredom.


“ArtsAgenda helped me to focus and prioritize things and the chaos of conflicting and competing things to do settled into a calm and acquiescent list. I would really recommend them.”
Jane Ponsford, Artist.